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Interview with author Deanne Auber

So grateful I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Deanne Auber, author of Cloud People, Sacred Messages. 2-part interview:

 Part 1 YT video link:

Part 2 YT video link:

Deanne will be sharing some pictures from her book, “Cloud People, Sacred Message” published December 2022, as well as some of her most recent images.  Please join us and share in this phenomenal, yet humbling experience by studying some of these high vibrational cloud images for yourself.

About Deanne: In 2020, Deanne began to recognize that she had received an extraordinary gift of spiritual sight extending beyond the veil which began her journey of photographing and cataloging sacred images revealed to her in the clouds and nature itself.  She soon realized that these divine messages were not just for herself, but for everyone with the purpose of raising the collective consciousness and global vibration.  They are part of the new world rising, laying the groundwork for what is coming and assisting in the global spiritual awakening.  

Deanne is a creative painter and uses digit art to paint what she sees in the cloud images.  She owned a spiritual arts and crafts studio where she witnessed many healings.  Deanne enjoys animals and nature and maintains a whimsical flower garden with plenty of garden art and has tracked the bird migration in her yard for over 35 years.

Additional info links on Native American depictions of cloud beings:

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