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Private Sound Healing Session

30 minutes, $67
1 hour, $133

Private sound healing using crystal singing bowls conducted via zoom or google meet. Audio recording of the session will be sent to you via email.
Group sessions available. Please contact me for details.


Intuitive Healing Session

90 min session, $199 - Initial session

1 hour follow up, $133

For chronic illnesses, packages are available.

An intuitive healing session performed remotely. Using my medical intuitive and shamanic skills, I scan the emotional, physical and energetic body. Includes removal of energetic blocks, chords, chakra rebuild and auric body sealing. Other healing modalities or tools may be suggested to support the healing process. Client receives a free 15 minute phone consult prior to session and a transcript or voice recording of the healing session. If you have received energetic work from me in the past, please schedule as a follow up session.


Intuitive Coaching Session

60 minutes, $133

Session packages available

Each intuitive session involves coaching clients through understanding their emotions, removing negative patterns and beliefs to help clients heal. Other modalities of support may be recommended to support the healing journey.


SCHH Hypnotherapy session

3.5 hour session, $465

1 hour pre-session chat with client followed by 2-hour hypnotherapy in which we remove energetic blocks, we visit past lives and bring forth the Higher Self to answer questions. Also includes chakra and auric body rebuild if needed. A 30-minute integration and review of what the client has experienced. Client receives a video of their session.


SCHH hypnotherapy follow up session

2 hours, $266

This service is for clients who have had an initial SCHH hypnotherapy session and would like to explore more of their past lives or multidimensional self. Client receives a video of the session via email.

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Channeling Session with White Hawk of the Star Nations

$199, 90 minutes

White Hawk has been my guide since the beginning of my spiritual awakening. He has been my teacher and mentor in this lifetime and many others. We share a deep soul family bond, a love for Mother Gaia and the human race. After completing a series of deep ancestral healing sessions I learned that White Hawk originates from the Star Nations. The Star Nations serve as ambassadors to various planetary races and assist them to navigate the evolution of their collective consciousness. The Star Nations are comprised of many benevolent galactic higher density beings in the universe that promote peace, unconditional love and encourage the development of societies based on respect, free will and application of Universal Laws. 

This session includes a 15 min zoom pre-session chat to go over your questions or the issue. I email you a voice recording of the channeled session to keep and listen to as often as needed.

Session packages are available at a discounted rate.  

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