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Channeling 12.12.23

12.12.23 channeling from this morning:

Left & right

Dark & light,

Find YOUR center

And ground yourselves there

Root yourselves in absolute truth

Your heart knows the way

Wake each morning with a joy filled heart

Knowing that all that once was

Will no longer be,

Ask for our guidance

And you shall receive

The lifting of the veil

Comes in many layers for each soul

With the lifting of each layer of the veil in your understanding, your reality

Your knowing

Will give you strength to continue your soul’s path

We know that watching the pain and suffering in your reality is not an easy task

Deception and destruction have not prevailed on your planet

Love is gentle yet carries a mighty sword

Coupled with the armor of god

You shall prevail

Many wish to steer you

Into the energies of anger and fear

Ask yourselves why this is

Is this where you wish to be?

Is this the cycle you wish to repeat?

We urge you to let go of control of the will of others

For some are not ready to complete this lesson

In this incarnation

Release them with love, compassion and respect.

They will find their way

We send you the energies of peace

As you have seen that the energies of hate, and destruction have no place in your future

The future you shall create

We ask you instead to remember the feelings of joy and bliss

For many of you, these emotions were experienced in the presence of your newborn child

This remembrance is the way forward

The path out of darkness and destruction

We remind you to connect with the piece of peace you carry within.

In gratitude,

The Star Nations

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Thank you for this, Miranda! It’s important to meet people exactly where they are. We can’t push or bully them to see things our way. It just doesn’t work that way. Each soul has their own journey; let them have it! Much love and God bless! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏


Tracey M
Tracey M

I love the reminder "We urge you to let go of control of the will of others".

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