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Channeled Message from The Star Nations


Flying, soaring thru time and space 

Grounded in earth’s energies- 

The energy of Mother, of home


Precious energies of bliss & love 

Surround and envelope you 

Every breath, filled with light 

You choose North,

North node energies 

Letting the lower realms and frequencies fall away

Wishing peace and respect for those who remain,

Traveling past the realms known 

Delving, diving into places and spaces unknown

Knowing the galactic ancestors are with you 

On this journey, the journey into the Heart 

Heart womb is the destination 

Through our own DNA 

There is the key 

The key to your future, our future 

They are one in the same 

Grace upon grace is the way,

As the lower frequencies fall away 

Do not fear, do not cry 

But instead 

Bask and bathe in the bliss of what is to come 

And what already is 

It is already here.

In gratitude, 

The Star Nations

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