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SSP Experiencer Interview Series with Laura Eisenhower

I was recently interviewed by Laura Eisenhower (Laura - ( for her podcast on podbean. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect and share with such a lovely soul. I connected with Laura last summer for an astrology reading. I had been following her YouTube channel for some time. Here's a link to the intro interview I did on Laura's podcast:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Laura and her work, she is a medical intuitive, a gifted astrologer and a divine feminine who has devoted her life's work to exposing hidden truths, as well as educating humanity on all ascension and spiritual related topics. Humanity has so much to learn about our true past and our deeper connection to many higher dimensional beings in the cosmos.

I admit, the first interview gave me a bit of anxiety. It still very surreal to share these things publicly. There was an emotional rollercoaster that followed. Did I share the right info? Did I share too much? It was clear that after processing my emotions from the first interview, there was more to be shared. More details, more experiences and even more importantly: the why behind it all.

I sat in meditation with my guides a few days after the interview. The clear message I received is that it is time to start sharing the stories in more detail. The message is that these stories I share aren't about me at all. Meaning, the focus isn't on my story but the purpose of sharing all of these things is to help others who've gone through the same experiences. To help others who are still holding memory fragments, missing time and strange experiences. To help them heal and move forward. My belief is that there are many more women SSP experiencers that are still struggling. Many have deeply suffered psychological, physical and sexual abuse. I hope that what I share with others will help others process their own memories. To free themselves from the trauma, step forward and speak out.

Laura has been gracious enough to invite me back on to share more specific SSP memories next month. We will discuss my first encounter with a Super Soldier and the energetic attacks that ensued over the next 7 months. We will also discuss the topic of energetic bloodlines and their significant connection with Secret Space Programs (SSP). If there are topics or questions that you would like me to consider, please email me.

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