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SSP and Disclosure

We are beginning to see and feel the spring energy here in the PNW. Wildflowers are blooming, the sun is making its appearance more often. Mother Gaia is waking up from her winter slumber.

Just as Mother Gaia is waking up, so is humanity. More and more are waking up to the truths that have been hidden, waking up to the deception. Waking up to realizations about how their world really has been operating. I feel it will be a very active, fast and evolutionary spring. I think we as a collective are ready to spring forth into a new paradigm.

That active, evolutionary energy is inspiring me in many ways. It's inspiring me to finally speak about some of my own life experiences. These experiences have and continue to shape me in ways I don't always understand, until I've moved through them. I am always a work in progress. So I ask for your kindness, patience and respect. This is still a very personal story that I share with the intention to bring awareness to some very dark parts of our reality-with the intention of transmuting into a better future for humanity, especially the children. We cannot allow these atrocities to continue.

My entire life I always wanted to feel like I fit in, now I understand that the wisdom in knowing that I was never meant to fit in. At least not in the way I wanted to. I was meant to be different, experience different so that I could help others heal and empower themselves. I experienced horrendous things so that I could assist others in healing. At times I certainly questioned this decision. Why did I choose to incarnate at this time? Why did I choose to experience this type of trauma in this lifetime? Why did I choose this path at all? Then I see a client reclaim their life, pursue their passion, forgive themselves and transform their lives. Then I remember why I chose this path in this lifetime. I see the transformation, I remember how that feels on a soul level. I get to be a witness to their transformation and reclamation of their inner joy. That is beyond rewarding.

For those of you who aren't familiar, SSP stands for Secret Space Program. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is very real. I understand that for some of you who aren't aware of black budget government programs, this seems like a take straight out of a sci-fi movie. But I assure you that all of these programs are in fact programs that our government funded. I encourage everyone to do their own independent research. Go down the rabbit holes, seek out independent information, come to your own conclusions.

I will be sharing stories from my SSP experiences as well as parts of my healing journey. I will be doing SSP experiencer interviews on several platforms to raise awareness. I hope this will help others commit to their own healing journey. I hope it inspires them to speak their truth. I hope it helps me realize their feelings and experiences are valid. That they are not alone and healing is possible.

Any SSP information I share will be posted in the Golden Thread Community (GT Community) on the Locals app (link: I will also announce upcoming SSP interviews in the GT Community. I will also share other trusted resources for SSP experiencers as I vet them.

To book a session with me, please email:

If you would like to make a donation to support my work via venmo: @mirandaraegtha or via Zelle:

Link to Golden Thread Community and podcast on Locals app:

May you be blessed,

Miranda Rae

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